Be passionate. Be driven. Be the difference you want to see.
Tap into a deeper sense of purpose. Make a lasting difference to local communities and witness the change within yourself.
Be You, and More with Axiata.

  • Serve The Underserved
    Join AxiataCares Volunteers and make a difference for those who need it most.
  • Make a Bigger Impact
    Contribute to Axiata Foundation and its three pillars – Education, Community Investments and Environment.
  • Take Action For Our Planet
    Be part of our journey to become a net-zero carbon company - #AdvancingToZero.
AxiataCares Volunteers is building a network of employee volunteers who play an active role in their communities. Connected to causes that matter, they can make a positive impact for those in need and find a greater sense of purpose in their work.

It is part of our employee experience programme, which aims to nurture mutual trust in our workplaces, foster a conducive environment for partnerships and friendships, and empower our employees to meaningfully contribute back to society.
Axiata Foundation provides employees with avenues to contribute to meaningful and impactful causes across three pillars – Education, Community Investments and Environment.

Education: Nurturing young generations with critical skills to develop them into furture digital leaders

Community Investment: Providing sustainable solutions to elevate the quality of life for the underserved and marginalised communities

Environment: Building a healthier planet through collaboration, advocacy and innovation.
In partnership with the Malaysian government’s PROTÉGÉ initiative, ADAPT for PROTÉGÉ offers Malaysian graduates a 12-month placement in one of our companies. Graduates will learn to think and act digitally through in-person and virtual training programmes, developing essential skills and digital knowledge that give them the edge in the job market.


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