Advancing Asia as a New Generation Digital Champion

Beyond Short-Term Profits

We prioritise long-term partnerships and look beyond profitability to support our business initiatives.


As the leading digital telecommunications group in ASEAN and South Asia, we are committed to delivering value that goes beyond short-term gains in all our markets.

Through the provision of digital and connectivity services towards developing a digital ecosystem, we empower societies by leveraging local industries, entrepreneurs, vendors and talents. This is designed not only to benefit our own supply chain, but also to value-add to the respective economies, where our world-class connectivity networks deliver inclusive and beneficial products and services.


Since 2017, we have contributed over USD28 billion to the GDP of six countries where we have established a digital telco operation.

In 2019, we spent USD4.7 billion on capital and operating expenditure. For every USD1 spent on capex, we generated between USD5-USD7 to the GDP in each country.

Invested over RM200 million in digital venture funds across Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, benefitting close to 30 start-ups, contributing to the creation of local job opportunities and driving the growth of the local digital economy.

Uplifting communities through digital inclusion

Provide digital financial inclusion initiatives through e-wallets

- 5 million users

- 3.5 million users

- 134,000 users

Empower women through GSMA Connected Women Commitment Initiative

XL’s Sisternet – Online platform for training Indonesian women aged 21-35 years - Trained over 2,000 women in 17 cities

Smart’s Technovation – 3-month long digital training programmes provided to over 150 high school girls in Cambodia