Advancing Asia as a New Generation Digital Champion


Here is a summary of the economic impact and long-term value creation pertaining to our operating company, Ncell.

Ncell Private Limited

In 2004, Ncell became the first private mobile services operator in Nepal. It has contributed to the vision for a Digital Nepal with best-in-class networks, a strong local workforce, and a commitment to connecting people all across the country.

USD 271 million invested in 2018

94,550  jobs supported

2.7%of GDP

USD1 CAPEX translates to USD 11.3 GVA Contribution

The mobile penetration in Nepal has grown exponentially in the last decade to reach 133% in 2018. Internet penetration has also grown rapidly over the last decade from 3% to 57%. Improvement in digital adoption creates growth potential for digital marketing, e-commerce and m-commerce, in line with the 2018 Digital Nepal Framework, aimed at driving economic growth as well as addressing challenges by leveraging on digital technologies. It is expected to deliver an economic impact of up to NPR 800 billion by 2022.