Advancing Asia as a New Generation Digital Champion

Who We Are

Get to know how Axiata is going from being a telco-business oriented Group to a fully digital company.


Axiata is a leader in the digital and telecommunications sector, committed to Advancing Asia by bridging the digital divide and building inclusive digital societies.

With operations across nine ASEAN and South Asian countries, we aim to become the Next Generation Digital Champion. This vision is powered by our Triple Core Business, through which we harness technology, innovation and connectivity to empower communities and businesses across our regions, creating a digital landscape for everyone to thrive.


In 2008, we started with 40 million customers. Today, our 162.5 million users make us one of Asia’s largest networks, covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Laos and the Philippines.


Asia is advancing rapidly towards a dynamic digital era. By evolving from our traditional telecommunications roots to become an integrated Telco-TechCo, we are poised to lead this exciting digital future and achieve our vision of becoming The Next Generation Digital Champion.