Be tech-savvy. Be M.A.D. (Modern, Agile and Digital). Be The Next Generation Digital Champion.
Future-proof your career by learning to think and act digitally. Leverage our digital programmes to expand your mind and your possibilities.
Be You, and More with Axiata.

  • Develop A Digital Mindset
    Learn to use advanced digital technologies towards solving real world problems.
  • Be Agile At Work
    Pivot. Rethink. Restrategise. Thrive in any environment.
  • Embrace Innovation
    Develop your “outside-the-box” thinking skills, and become more innovative.
At Axiata, employees have the opportunity to contribute to our digital core transformation strategy and bring our vision of becoming The Next Generation Digital Champion to life.

Through the LEAP (Learn, Engage, Advance and Perform) programme, employees can propose use cases where Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learing and Big Data Analytics can be applied to drive improved business outcomes across:

1. Product & Services
2. External Interfaces
3. Internal Processes
4. Infrastructure & Platform
5. Organisation & Culture

Working in teams, employees will develop a digital first mindset and experience digital innovation when participating in the LEAP Programme – a truly invaluable experience on the path of their professional journey.
ACE is a self-sustaining community from across the Axiata Group brought together by a passion for analytics. Driven by our Digital Academy, its vision is to develop a thought leadership and knowledge hub on analytics, and to be recognised as one of the key professional membership bodies within analytics in the APAC region.

In practice, ACE inspires cross-collaboration on projects, competitions and campaigns, creating a greater sense of belonging amongst our analytics professionals.
Axiata Fast Forward (“AFF”) is a digital learning platform that is accessible to all employees. The platform provides a seamless way for employees to upskill themselves at their own pace and interest, offering a wide range of different content from both technical and soft skill perspectives.

For more curated learning paths, AFF has launched 8 Academies – each of which cover areas of interest that are aligned to our Vision and Mission. These Academies incorporate both structured and self-paced learning, addressing the needs of learners from all spectrums – from those who enjoy more scheduled and directed learning to those who prefer open learning and exploration, and everyone in between.


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