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Here is a summary of the economic impact and long-term value creation pertaining to our operating company, Robi.

Robi Axiata Limited

Robi is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh, serving more than 49 million subscribers. Robi was the first operator to introduce GPRS, 3.5G services and the first to launch 4.5G service in all the 64 districts of the country.

USD711 million invested in 2019

104,495 jobs supported

0.4% of GDP

USD1 CAPEX translates to USD 8.5GVA Contribution

25 years of investment

Robi’s substantial operations and investments in Bangladesh contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth. With a total operating expenditure of USD542 million and capital investment of USD168 million, Robi contributed USD1,439 million to the economy of Bangladesh in 2019, accounting for 0.4% of national GDP.