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Our mission of Advancing Asia is to improve the quality of life through innovation, connectivity, and talent. In an era of digital disruption, we’re developing young talent who will go on to lead the way - it’s a journey for those that can think and act digitally. Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP) is your gateway to a future where you can accelerate your career and add value to the community.

Thank you for your interest in the Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP). Please be informed that we are no longer accepting applications for AGP until further notice. We acknowledge that this announcement may come as a disappointment and we sincerely apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused.


Regional Exposure
Experience working with talent from Axiata’s various operating companies in the region

Personalised Job Rotations
Sharpening of skills through rotations between departments and operating companies

Industry Knowledge
In-depth understanding of the digital telecommunications, digital businesses and infrastructure industry

Professional Guidance
Receive personalised coaching, mentoring, and guidance

Continuous Development
Leadership development through the Young CEO Development Programme (YCDP)

Permanent Placement
Secure a permanent placement within the Group upon successful completion of the programme


AGP is an 18-month programme that aims to develop young talented Malaysians into business leaders of tomorrow through on-the-job experiences along with a structured learning and development curriculum.

Graduate trainees have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Revenue-Generating and Enabler departments in Axiata Group Berhad and its group of companies throughout the job rotations.



With intakes starting in January every year, graduate trainees will experience AGP concurrently with the Young CEO Development Programme (YCDP). Rotation 1 is based on a dual-supervisor system; Rotations 2 and 3 are centred on providing regional exposure to graduate trainees.

Following completion, graduate trainees will gain permanent placements at Axiata Group Berhad based on their customised journeys.

Note: The schedules for AGP and YCDP are tentative and subject to change depending on recruitment and placement availability.


Degree holders with a minimum CGPA of 3.3 or Second Class Upper or equivalent

Those with leadership experience in extra-curricular activities

Malaysian citizens or permanent residents

Graduates with less than one year of working experience

26 years old and below



Online Application
This is the first step in the application process where you have the opportunity to tell us all about yourself.


Online Assessment
Our assessments are unique to AGP and help us determine if the programme is a good fit for you.

*Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for this stage via email in approximately 21 working days (during peak hiring periods)

**It is advisable that you allocate 1 hour to complete the assessment in a distraction-free environment


Assessment Centre
At this point, you will go through a number of challenges where leadership competencies will be assessed.

*Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for this stage via email in approximately 21 working days (during peak hiring periods)


Final Interview
This is the final stage of the process. We’d like to get to know you better and give you a chance to ask us questions.

*Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for this stage via email in approximately 21 working days (during peak hiring periods)


Ayesha Ismael Fariz
“I’m an alumnus of the first intake of the Axiata Graduate Programme (Jan ‘16 – Dec ‘17) which allowed me to experience working at a number of Axiata companies. I was able to gain multiple insights which helped me piece together a bigger picture of the business and achieve greater clarity on my career path.”
Ayesha Ismael Fariz
Rhyz Ruslan
“Joining the Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP) was a chance for me to be involved in experiences that improved my post-graduation employability. Being an AGP Graduate Trainee allowed me to connect with various CxOs across the Axiata Group of Companies, which in turn exposed me to many different and enlightening perspectives. The programme also helped develop my finance and business acumen as well as cultivate my marketing skills. Most importantly, the rotation system trained me to be versatile and to easily adapt to any situation.”
Rhyz Ruslan


General Questions
Application Criteria
What is the Axiata Graduate Programme ?
AGP is an 18-month programme that aims to develop young talented Malaysians into business leaders of tomorrow through on-the-job experiences along with a structured learning and development curriculum.
Yes, AGP is a form of employment. Throughout the duration of the programme, Graduate Trainees will be employed under Axiata Group Berhad.
Yes, Graduate Trainees will be subjected to a 6-month probation period where work performance and culture fit is evaluated.
Graduate Trainees will be given one month’s notice in writing before the termination of employment.
No, Graduate Trainees will not be bonded to Axiata Group Berhad upon completion of the AGP.
Upon successful completion of AGP, Graduate Trainees will gain a permanent placement within the Axiata Group of Companies in a team/division/department best suited for him/her.
AGP has only one intake per year, beginning in January.
Axiata Group Berhad only takes in 15-20 Graduate Trainees each year.
The salary and benefits received by the Graduate Trainees of AGP are competitive to other similar graduate programmes in the market.
You may write to
Can applications be submitted via email?
No, applications submitted via email will not be accepted.
We welcome graduates from all fields of study who meet our minimum requirements.
Applications for the 2023 intake will open in May 2022 and close on November 20, 2022
During peak hiring periods, it will take approximately 21 business days to complete the full selection process. However, please note that this process may be longer during off-peak hiring periods.
Yes, you will still have to complete the full selection process regardless of whether you were offered a placement in the previous year or not.
It is not advisable for you to request to edit your application once submitted. As such, please confirm that all information provided is accurate and complete before submitting your application.
To protect the validity and integrity of the assessment data, retakes within a 12-month duration will not be allowed. Please be honest and do your best when completing the Online Assessment.
It is a series of tasks and challenges that assesses an applicant’s fit in AGP.
Assessment centres are now hybrid and can take place either physically or virtually. Shortlisted candidates will be informed ahead of time and will need to plan accordingly.
A minimum of 3 Assessment Centres are run each year between June - December
No, Axiata will not be reimbursing any travel expenses incurred.
What is the difference between the Axiata Graduate Programme and other graduate programmes offered by other companies?
Unlike other graduate programmes, AGP is focused on developing youths into future business leaders for the telecommunications and digital industry through its unique approach and leadership curriculum (the Young CEO Development Programme).
Throughout the duration of AGP, Graduate Trainees will have the opportunity to rotate to any of Axiata’s operating companies based in Malaysia.
Yes, this opportunity is available. However, it is not confirmed and offered only on a project basis through certain departments.
Yes, requests from Graduate Trainees to rotate to divisions or departments of choice will be taken into consideration. However, Axiata reserves the authority to approve or disapprove the division or department for all rotations.


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