Commitment to Process Excellence & Governance

We establish high standards to ensure that sustainability practices relating to Process Excellence and Governance are adopted throughout our supply chain. 

In building digital ecosystems and Advancing Asia, Axiata practices the implementation of transparent, ethical and sustainable processes both in our external relationships as well as our internal governance frameworks.

We establish common standards to ensure that sustainability practices are adopted throughout our supply chain, geared towards excellence. Taking all possible measures to influence and regularly engage our vendors and business partners to ensure they conform to our practices on sustainability, we also work together with our retailers to help them develop their business practices.

Customer service is our priority. To ensure high customer satisfaction levels as well as optimal data privacy and security in line with our customers’ expectations, we are continuously introducing innovative new technology for greater connectivity and flexibility.

We are currently in the process of transforming both our internal and external processes; digitising them where and when relevant. In the area of regulatory compliance, we established the Axiata Regulatory Compliance Framework to guide the Group’s efforts to comply with the regulatory requirements in each of our markets.