Ncell Private Limited has been in operation in Nepal since 2004 as the first private mobile service provider in the country. Ncell provides services of international quality with a local touch. Most of the employees of Ncell are Nepali and its services are designed to meet the needs of local society.

Ncell Private Limited

Nepal has achieved remarkable progress since 2006. Poverty has reduced considerably, with the country having halved the number of people living on less than USD1.25 a day, from 53% in 2003-2004 to 25% in 2010-2011.

Nepal is making progress in education, health care and gender equality and continues to hold significant economic potential in spite of the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2015. Mobile penetration rate continues to grow at a relatively strong rate despite the growing maturity of the market. The current mobile penetration rate stands at about 115% and is expected to grow over the next four years to 132% by 2020.

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