Top Talents Shine at Data Unchained Malaysia 2018


Kuala Lumpur, 21 November 2018 – Data Unchained Malaysia 2018, the country’s largest datathon hosted jointly by Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata) and Asia School Business (ASB) from 2-4 November 2018 in Kuala Lumpur ended on a high note with several teams and individuals clinching prizes for their data driven business pitches.

Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 marks Axiata and ASB’s inaugural collaboration aimed at providing a platform for top Malaysian talent, data scientists and enthusiasts to showcase their problem solving and data analytics skills in creating real impact on everyday lives of Malaysian citizens.

A total of 100 participants were selected from 300 registered applicants following a screening exercise. The participants were then placed into 24 teams for the competition. Each team consisted at least a business consultant, a data engineer and a data scientist. The data set was released on the first day following a brief on the problem statements. The participants were then required to analyse the data, generate insights, build their data model, visualisation and complete a business proposal for pitching within 24 hours. Out of 24 teams, the panel of judges selected the top 5 teams that would proceed to the final round to present their solutions.The prizes for the datathon were worth a total of RM37,000 for the team and individual categories.

For the team category, Innovation Squad, comprising members Ian Chu Te, Nadav Rindler, Fahad Ud Din and Loh Kai Syuen clinched the top spot, winning prizes worth RM10,000 for their pitch on Monetization models for IOT project that aimed to build the ecosystem, hardware premium, improve data and service revenue.

For the individual category, Ian Chu Te and Nadav Rindler were awarded the ‘Best Data Scientist’ award, winning prizes worth RM3,500, while Alvin Tan was awarded the ‘Best Data Engineer’ award, winning prizes worth RM3,500, Wyena Cheah and Elton Lee were awarded the ‘Best Business Consultant’ award.

Commenting on the winners, Axiata Analytics Centre Head, Pedro Uria Recio said, “All 24 teams that participated in Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 competed intensely to deliver compelling business cases driven by data analytics within a short span of time. It was crucial for them to possess a good blend of technical and business skills to make an analytics team successful and I take this opportunity to congratulate the winners on their well-deserved success.”

“Big data and analytics facilitate higher quality decision-making and are increasingly becoming go-to tools for organisations that want to maintain their competitiveness and relevance in the market. This is driving greater demand for data scientists, data engineers and data-savvy business consultants everywhere in the world. It is with this in mind that Axiata collaborated with ASB to organise this datathon, which is aimed at nurturing and exposing a greater pool of specialists in this field both locally, and regionally.”

Sean O’.Ferguson, Associate Dean & MBA Program Director for Asia School of Business remarked, “Asia School of Business has always aimed to play a part in contributing to this ecosystem and we believe that the Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 datathon had served as a great platform for talents to showcase their problem solving and insights generating skills.”

“Axiata's Datathon was a tremendous success with each team approaching the problem statement a unique way. It was exciting to see how data science could be paired with new technologies and business models. The Datathon provided a perfect environment for teams to work on realistic datasets and have the opportunity to bake IOTA's DLT technology into their projects,” said Lewis Freiberg, Director of Ecosystem, IOTA Foundation.

During the competition, participants were also able to gain insights from various experts, including those from the area of data science such as Professor Willem Smit from Asia School of Business, the Chairman of Data Analytics Group for TM Forum, Professor Paul Morrissey, the US Airforce Defense Innovation Unit’s Product Manager for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Ryan Kappedal, the Chief Operating Officer from Dialog Axiata, Rainer Deutschmann and the Vice President of Business Intelligence from Robi Axiata Limited, Ahmed Saady Yaamin.

The event was supported by IOTA (Platinum Sponsor), Microsoft (Gold Sponsor) and Google Malaysia, Ericsson, TM Forum and Lynx Analytics which provided technical and knowledge support.

Commenting on his positive experience as a participant at the datathon, Yeoh TK said, “Being able to come up with innovative ideas is just part of the success story. The ability to show good and sustainable numbers elevate the quality of a business pitch and the datathon enabled us to demonstrate our skills in achieving this.”

Oludare Oluwajuyitan, another participant who is also an international student from Asia School of Business added that the event pushed individuals to do their best, past the boundaries of what was thought possible, as new markets, business opportunities and societal benefits were unlocked. “At the end of the day, everybody is a winner,” he said.

Mok Zee Juin meanwhile was appreciative of the exposure gained during the competition as it enabled his team to benchmark themselves against other competitors, so they can come back better and stronger to win in future competitions.


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