Sustainability & National Contribution Report 2016

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Operating in ten countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia and serving approximately 320 million customers, Axiata's Vision and Mission is defined as follows.


New Generation Digital Champion by 2020


Advancing Asia, by piecing together the best in Innovation, Connectivity & Talent

Code of Conduct

Axiata is committed to conduct its business fairly, impartially and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Malaysia and in countries where the Group has operations.

The Group’s professionalism, honesty and integrity must at all times be upheld in all of the Company’s business dealings by all employees.

Axiata has in place a Code of Conduct that serves as documentation of our commitment in ensuring our business dealings are conducted in a manner that is efficient, effective and fair. Axiata ensures that it is the responsibility of every employee to act in accordance with the policies detailed in the Group’s Code of Conduct.

Core Values

At Axiata, there are two core values that we embrace across the Group: Uncompromising Integrity and Exceptional Performance. These two values define who we are and how we operate.

Uncompromising Integrity

Always doing the right thing and fulfilling promises made to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of lawful and ethical conduct, and in demonstrating honesty, fairness and accountability in all of our dealings.

Exceptional Performance

Always pushing ourselves to deliver benchmarked outstanding performance.

We are determined to be the winner, leader and best-in-class in what we do. Whilst we are tough with performance standards, we are compassionate with people - we call it “Performance with a Heart”

Uncompromising Integrity and Exceptional Performance are our distinct values and key to our success as a New Generation Digital Champion. We place great emphasis in building a culture based on these two values across the Axiata Group.

These two core values are incorporated into the existing values of the individual Operating Companies (OpCos) which includes, amongst others, service excellence, teamwork, creativity and customer centricity.

Enhanced Privacy
and Data Protection

We are committed to respect and protect the data and privacy of our customers throughout our regional footprint of ten countries across Asia.

Our commitment on privacy and data protection is available here.