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Integrated Annual Report 2020

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It was a year of unprecedented challenges and promising opportunities. Guided by our Axiata 5.0 strategy, we reimagined our role to provide greater value to our stakeholders and strengthen our competitive advantage in an evolved digital landscape.

Intro Intro

We Are Axiata This Is Our Investment Case

Delivering connectivity on its own is never enough. Driven by our purpose of Advancing Asia, our energies are focused on leveraging technologies and capabilities across 11 countries to build inclusive and transformative digital societies that benefit all.

Our Vision

The Next Generation Digital Champion by 2024
Pivoting from pure-play telco to diversified digital business

Our Purpose

Advancing Asia
Unlocking the power of digital societies

Our Values

Uncompromising Integrity,
Exceptional Performance

The 4Ps That Define Our Success

To be one of Asia’s largest telecoms and tech groups

To be recognised as a top talent brand and an Asian Talent Factory

To be the number one choice for customers and partners

To be recognised as a responsible Digital Champion

Digital Telcos

Capturing valuable opportunities in the digital age to service the Enterprise, Consumer and Home segments

XL Axiata

Digital Businesses

Empowering digital transformation for businesses with innovative products in Digital Financial Services, and Digital Analytics and Artificial Intelligence



Providing connectivity services for communities and businesses while driving 5G rollout through edotco, the world’s 16th largest TowerCo

  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Indonesia Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • Nepal Nepal
  • Pakistan Pakistan
  • Myanmar Myanmar
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Laos Laos
  • Philipines Philippines

12,600 employees across 11 countries

600,000 jobs supported throughout the region

USD7.7 billion contributed to national GDP in 2020

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message Delivering Digital Trust

Chairman's Message

Elevating Cyber Security

Enhancing customer trust with Digital Trust and Resilience 2023 (DT&R2023), our three-year cyber security strategy

Enhancing Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Aligning our workforce and suppliers behind a Group-wide Zero-Tolerance Policy towards bribery and corruption

Driving Data Privacy Awareness

Raising customer awareness on data privacy with updated Privacy Notices and our Cyber Security Advisory

Leveraging High-Level Insights

The Axiata Advisory Panel (AAP) comprises industry and national icons who will advise the Board on macro and regional trends

Advancing To Zero

Committing to achieving a net-zero carbon position, in alignment with the GSMA’s call for industry decarbonisation by 2050

Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap

Identifying Group-wide climate initiatives that will lower our carbon footprint

The Sustainability Steering Committee

Driving coordinated sustainability and climate efforts at the Axiata Corporate Centre and across all OpCos

Adopting Sustainability-Linked Financing

Our USD800 million Syndicated Multi-Currency Shariah-compliant sustainability-linked loan was the first of its kind in the world

Chairman's Message
In Conversation With CEO

In Conversation With The President & Group Chief Executive Officer Ready For Next

CEO's Message

Becoming The Next Generation Digital Champion

Changed realities bring new growth opportunities. Across our markets, we are enhancing our strategies to drive innovation and capitalise as a diversified digital business.

Driving 5G Readiness

Driving 5G Readiness

Leading across our OpCo markets with 5G test runs and use cases, industry partnerships and government collaboration

Ramping Up E-Wallet and Cashless Payment Solutions

Ramping Up E-Wallet and Cashless Payment Solutions

Driving convenience and safety for consumers and businesses in the post-pandemic environment

Growing Our Micro-Financing and Micro-Insurance Presence

Growing Our Micro-Financing and Micro-Insurance Presence

Creating financing and insurance products to drive digital inclusion for consumers and microenterprises

Supporting Malaysia's Digital Society Aspirations

Supporting Malaysia's Digital Society Aspirations

Fostering a sustainable Digital Ecosystem with the proposed Celcom-Digi merger

Becoming a Top 5 Global TowerCo

Becoming a Top 5 Global TowerCo

Driving organic and inorganic portfolio growth to a total of 70,000 towers by 2024

Executing Axiata 5.0

Executing Axiata 5.0

Enhancing our focus on new growth opportunities and digital transformation

In Conversation With CEO
Our Strategy

Our Strategy Winning In The New Normal

The Axiata 5.0 strategy is about positioning ourselves to lead our region’s transformation towards sustainable digital ecosystems. Its 3 Core Pillars and 10 Key Focus Areas drive us to capture new normal growth opportunities, lower our cost base, and transform into a High Dividend Company by 2024.

Axiata 5.0 Strategic Initiatives:
3 Core Pillars And 10 Key Focus Areas

Our Business

Sustainable Growth

Positioning for New Norms

Emerging as the winner among the gainers by optimising assets, accelerating digital and managing interfaces

OpCos Transformation

Zeroing in on key focus areas at the OpCo level to achieve long-term strategic objectives

New Growth Areas

Capturing double-digit growth in Enterprise, Home and Digital Value Added Services

Our Business

Operational Excellence As Our DNA

Cost Management

To be the lowest cost producer of data and deliver on our Customer Promise

New Engagement Model

Driving transformation via the virtual centralisation of the Collective Brain

Digitisation & Analytics

Leveraging on Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a core differentiator

Stakeholder Management

Placing greater focus on regulatory and sustainability matters and our role as nation building partners

Organisation 5.0

Reimagining and refining evolving competencies

Our Business

Structural Changes

Industry Consolidation

Exploring Mergers and Acquisitions where opportunities arise

Portfolio Optimisation & Value Illumination

Driving organic growth and identifying strategic inorganic transactions

Our Strategy

Our Response To COVID-19

As a critical utility provider across our markets of operation, our OpCos contributed cash and in-kind donations to support emergency needs as well as increased demand for connectivity in 2020. We also put in place a Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management Plan to safeguard our assets and the interests of our stakeholders.

Supporting Employee Safety and Wellbeing Through the Changes and Uncertainties of Lockdowns

Adopting strict protocols for on-site and Work-From-Home arrangements

Introducing wellness programmes to support physical and mental health, while providing COVID-19 testing assistance

Securing Our Supply Chain to Mitigate Risks and Minimise Business Disruption

Working with key suppliers to identify risks and implement mitigations

Shifting to regional suppliers who are closer to market

Ensuring Technology and Cyber Resilience Amidst Changed Digital Consumption Patterns

Ensuring resilient networks to cater to surges in data traffic

Investing and recalibrating to meet additional residential demand

Providing Critical Support to Medical Institutions and Frontliners in the Fight Against the Pandemic

Donating PPE, medical gear and medical technology to hospitals

Strengthening data and telecommunications networks for hospitals

Supporting Vulnerable Communities and Small Businesses as They Navigated the Crisis

Helping micro-SMEs through the Axiata COVID-19 Assistance Programme

Supporting businesses and communities with OpCo-level COVID-19 funds

Running food aid programmes to help at-risk communities

Working Hand-In-Hand with Governments to Address Pressing Societal Needs

Leveraging advanced data and analytics to assist with contact tracing and identify high-risk zones

Donating to government-created COVID-19 funds

COVID-19 Quote
Value Creation

Value Creation How We Generate Shared Value

Using our 6 capitals - which include our diverse workforce, trusted relationships and business know-how across 11 countries - we enable sustainable outcomes that benefit all.

Capital Input


Financial Capital

Funding and cash generation


Human Capital

Our diverse and driven workforce


Intellectual Capital

Partnerships, brand equity, trust and culture


Social & Relationship Capital

Our trusted relationships


Manufactured Capital

Network infrastructures, data centres, software applications and office buildings


Natural Capital

Our energy consumption and land use

Outcomes Which Benefit All

Delivering Long-Term Value to Shareholders

  • Maximising shareholder value
  • Sustaining long-term business growth and profitability

Building a Modern, Agile and Digital Asian Talent Factory

  • Attracting and retaining talented employees
  • Providing our diverse workforce with opportunities to advance their career

Becoming a Trusted and Reliable Digital Partner

  • Providing excellent customer experience across our footprint
  • Establishing strong brand equity and trust
  • Developing digital platforms to cater to customers

Supporting Governments and Communities in Our Markets

  • Contributing to socioeconomic development in our operating countries

Enabling Digitally-Connected Societies

  • Increasing coverage and connecting underserved areas
  • Aiding digital and financial inclusion

Minimising Environmental Impact

  • Adopting a focused carbon reduction strategy
  • Optimising energy consumption
Value Creation
Financial Resilience

Financial Performance Demonstrating Financial Resilience

A focus on operational excellence and cost optimisation initiatives yielded better-than-expected results in 2020, with Revenue and EBITDA holding firm in spite of the impacts of the pandemic.







Normalised PATAMI






Financial Quote
Financial Resilience
Our Commitment

Governance Our Commitment To
Good Corporate Governance

We are taking steps to develop an even more holistic view of our business and its impacts, integrating sustainability and Board diversity, among others, as key considerations in our governance structure and processes.

Embedding Sustainability in Our Governance Structure

Enhancing Group and OpCo alignment for more effective implementation of sustainability strategies

Leading In Board Diversity

Ranked first among all 312 companies listed on Bursa Malaysia in the inaugural Malaysia Board Diversity Study and Index

Our Governance Practices



Headed by an effective Board of Directors, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities



Checks and balances to ensure Board effectiveness



Supporting the Board’s compliance with the accountability principles

Relations with Shareholders

Relations with Shareholders

Maintaining an open dialogue on strategic, governance and other objectives

Our Commitment

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