Advancing Asia


President & Group CEO’s Statement

President & Group CEO’s Statement

“The goalpost of a sustainable business is always moving. Our stakeholders have growing expectations of our performance that go beyond revenue. Increasingly, we need to demonstrate social and environmental performance as part of our Advancing Asia commitment.”

President & Group Chief Executive Officer

Our vision is to be the Next Generation Digital Champion
by 2022

Axiata 5.0 focuses on efficiencies that translate to
profitable growth

Collaborate with local partners to bridge the digital divide

Increase learning access to our employees across the region through online learning platforms

Demonstrate social & environmental performance as part of our Advancing Asia commitment

Our Social And Economic Impact Across The Region

Supporting Nation Building In ASEAN And South Asia

Axiata’s national contributions represent the long-term value we have created through our investments in the local telecommunications sector, network infrastructure, talent development, environmental conservation & society.

Investing Long-Term In Our Markets

USD8.4 billion
GDP contribution

Approximately 600,000 jobs supported in the region

600,000 jobs
supported in the region

Over 12,900 employees employed across ASEAN and South Asia

USD4.7 billion CAPEX+OPEX investment

USD1.3 billion total tax paid to governments

Axiata’s Sustainability and National Contribution Report 2019 is an account of how the Group has delivered economic, social and environmental value for its stakeholders over the reporting year.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Our Sustainability Pillars

4P Framework

Our sustainability efforts are anchored on our 4P Sustainability Framework which takes a holistic and long-term view of ensuring sustainable practices.

Long-Term Investment

Digital Ecosystem

Nurturing Future Leaders

Digital Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusivity

Culture of Integrity & Performance

Conducive Workplace

Strong Governance

Customer Intimacy

Digitising Processes

Best Practices Across the Value Chain

Environmental Management

Disaster Management & Response

Corporate Responsibility

We must demonstrate through governance, polices and programmes that we are building a business that is resilient to the impacts of climate change and impactful services that promotes digital inclusion.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Beyond Short-Term Profits

Investing In A Sustainable Future

Striving to deliver value in building and empowering inclusive societies through our digital and connectivity services.

USD8.4 billion delivered to the national GDP in 6 countries where we have a digital
telco presence

Over 100,000 students in Malaysia, Indonesia & Cambodia were reached through the Axiata Young Talent Programme to build future leaders

Over RM200 million invested in digital innovation funds in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Cambodia to drive digital entrepreneurship in local markets

Our digital financing platform, Aspirasi, provides micro-SMEs with working capital, supply chain & invoice financing & insurtech products

Over 8 million users of our digital wallets in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Malaysia

Over 630,000 farmers, fishermen & agro-entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, Indonesia & Malaysia were given digital solutions to modernise their work

Over 800,000 underserved students in more than 2,000 academic institutions across our markets were supported with digital education
& training

Over 800,000 underserved students in more than 2,000 academic institutions across our markets were supported with digital education & training

Over 2 million girls & women were empowered with digital educational content, employment & financial services

We are committed to be in the markets that we serve for the long-term, therefore our purpose of Advancing Asia must be fully inclusive, and ensure no one is left behind.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Nurturing People

Building Future Leaders Of A Digital Workforce

We drive a Modern, Agile and Digital workforce through continuous training which develops proficiency in digital & problem-solving skills, to meet the demands of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

Creating a digitally inclusive workplace.

Over 12,900 employees across
our markets

14% of senior leadership positions are held by women

Over 38 nationalities employed

Our employees uphold our core values of Uncompromising Integrity and Exceptional Performance.

Do the right thing

Own it

Collaborate to win

Respect every individual

Think different, Do faster, Do better

We provide a high performance, world-class working environment that safeguards our employees’ wellbeing.

Health and Safety measures that comply with national legislations

COVID-19 Response to ensure the safety of employees and customers

We recognise talent across our Group, building talent pools across different levels and mapping talent to a succession profile.

77% leadership positions filled internally in 2019

USD47 million spent on talent development
since 2008

Synapse, our internally developed Knowledge Management Platform launched in July 2019

Investing in our people is very important to us. Over the years, we have invested significantly in training and development of employees across the Group.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Process Excellence & Governance

Reinforcing The Foundations Of Our Business

Strong governance enables us to build trust with our stakeholders & drive a culture of Operational Excellence to transform us as the lowest cost producer per
Gigabyte (GB).

Best Practices Across The Value Chain

58% spend on local suppliers

Customer Centricity

No.1 Net Promoter Score in 4 markets

Digitising Processes

75% accuracy improvement on new dealer recommendations

Strong Governance

Certified Group Security Operations Centre (GSOC); the first telco in our operating countries to have this accreditation

Uncompromising integrity is one our core values, and in today’s corporate world, this is more important than ever.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Planet & Society

Minimising Our Carbon Footprint

A changing environment calls for a need to respond to the impacts on our surroundings. Our efforts focus on minimising our carbon footprint and promoting SDGs, so we can advance a sustainable Asia.

244 hydrometeorological stations & telemetry devices connected by Ncell & the Department of Hydrology
& Meteorology

17 sensors installed on Smart’s base stations across Cambodia to provide accurate severe weather forecast & intelligence

Continued to support post-2019 tsunami aid to Palu,
Central Sulawesi

500 children & over 250 families affected by the Easter Terror Attack received educational support & psychosocial rehabilitation respectively

We are focused on reducing embedded carbon in our infrastructure, improving energy efficiency, and investing in renewables.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Integrated Annual Report
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