Advancing Asia

Integrated Annual Report 2019

We Are Axiata

As one of the leading regional telecommunications groups, Axiata is driven by our broader goal of Advancing Asia through digital and technological innovations that empower communities to achieve their fullest potential.

Our Vision

New Generation Digital Champion By 2022
Evolve from a pure-play telco to a Triple Core Business

Our Purpose

Advancing Asia
Championing digital inclusion and community empowerment

Our Values

Uncompromising Integrity &
Exceptional Performance

Our 4Ps For Success

To be one of Asia’s largest telecoms and tech groups

To be recognised as a Top Talent Brand and an Asian Talent Factory

To be the number one choice for customers and partners

To be recognised as a responsible Digital Champion

Digital Telco

Enabling consumers’ digital lifestyles and driving productivity and business efficiency for enterprises

Digital Businesses

Encouraging digital inclusion and driving growth through digital financial services, digital advertising and
digital platforms


13th largest telecommunications infrastructure company in the world that
enables communities
to communicate

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Philippines

600,000 jobs

supported in the region

USD8.4 Billion

contributed to the GDP of 6 countries

USD4.7 Billion

Capital + Operating Expenditure

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Chairman’s Message

“Keeping with its purpose of Advancing Asia, Axiata continued to progress into one of the leading regional telecommunications groups that contributes to the development of economies, advanced technology and societies across its footprint of 11 countries in ASEAN and South Asia.”

Chairman, Axiata Group Berhad

Established the Board Risk and Compliance Committee

Providing oversight on risk management, data privacy, cyber security, and ethics
and compliance

Strengthened Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Adopting robust privacy practices to increase customers' trust

Established Corporate Compliance Steering Committee

Charting the roadmap towards a best-in-class ethics, integrity and compliance culture

Enhanced Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Measures

Ensuring all stakeholders understand and embrace Axiata’s ethos on professionalism and integrity

Improved Whistleblowing Platform

Providing an effective platform for more robust internal vigilance

Contributing to Nation Building

USD8.4 billion contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of six countries

Supporting the Climate
Change Agenda

Aligning our energy initiatives to GSMA’s Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

Supporting Digital Entrepreneurship in our Local Economies

Over RM200 million invested in Malaysia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka in digital innovation funds

We recognise we are navigating uncharted waters, but as a Group, we are hopeful for the future even as we continue to refine and adjust our strategies to define how we operate in this new world.
Tan Sri Ghazzali on the impacts of COVID-19 on the business

In Conversation With The President & Group CEO

In Conversation With The
President & Group CEO

“As a Group, we are single-minded in maintaining the balance between financial results and “institution building” to ensure long-term profitability. At the same time, it is important to strike an equal balance between organic and inorganic focus.”

President & Group Chief Executive Officer

The Five Building Blocks To Operational Excellence

We are focused on becoming the “lowest cost producer relative to customer promise”

Profitable Growth

Balancing between investing for growth and ensuring profitability

Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Identifying what our customers prefer and delivering consistently

Sustainable Cost Structure

Keeping our costs as flat
as possible

Digitisation & Analytics

Leveraging on digitisation and analytics to achieve growth, profitability, optimum customer satisfaction and cost efficiency

Organisation Excellence

Transforming into a Modern, Agile and Digital (M.A.D) organisation to achieve
high productivity

Becoming the digital organisation that we’re evolving into with our three lines of businesses means that opportunities are abundant for cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge and initiatives which can be monetised or used to improve Group efficiency.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Advancing Asia
Evolving Our Strategy

Adapting To A New Operating Landscape

We’re strengthening our Triple Core Strategy by embarking on Axiata 5.0 to reimagine the Group’s future and accelerating improvements in 10 Key Focus Areas.

Triple Core Strategy

Transform From
Mobile-Centric Telcos To Converged Digital Operators

Digital Telco

Target: #1/Strong #2 in All Markets

Pivot From Portfolio Company To Three Lines Of Digital Businesses

Digital Businesses

Target: 3 “Unicorns”

Advance From Regional Champion To Global Champion


Target: Top 5 in the World

Axiata 5.0 : 10 Key Focus Areas

1. "Shifting Gear"

Focus on Profit and Cash

2. OpCos Transformation

Beyond Short-Term Turnaround

3. Operational Excellence

As Our New Corporate DNA

4. New Group Engagement Model

Virtual Centralisation via the "Collective Brain"

5. Digitisation & Analytics

Our Biggest Differentiator

6. New Growth Areas

Especially Enterprise

7. Stakeholder Management

Including Regulatory and Government, Shareholders, Customers, Employees and Media

8. Organisation 5.0

Develop Modern, Agile and
Digital Values

9. Industry Consolidation

To Grow Profitably and Future-Proof Our Business

10. Investment & Portfolio

Improve Returns and Reallocate

The Value We Create

Our Value Creation Model

Our value creation process utilises our six capitals to achieve the outcomes that are aligned with our ambition of becoming a New Generation Digital Champion by 2022.

Capital Input

Financial Capital

Funding and cash generation

Human Capital

Our diverse and
driven workforce

Intellectual Capital

Partnerships, brand equity,
trust and culture

Social & Relationship Capital

Our trusted relationships

Manufactured Capital

Network infrastructures,
data centres, software applications and
office buildings

Natural Capital

Consumption of energy


Outcomes Which Benefit All

Delivering Long-Term Value as a Regional and Global Player

Maximise shareholder value
Sustain long-term business growth and profitability

Building a Modern, Agile and Digital Asian Talent Factory

Attract and retain talented employees
Diverse workforce with opportunities to advance their career

Becoming a Trusted and Reliable
Digital Partner

Provide amazing customer experience
Establish a strong brand equity & trust
Digital platforms to cater to customers

Supporting Governments and Communities in Our Markets

Contribute to socioeconomic development of the countries we operate in

Enabling Digitally-Connected Societies

Increase population coverage and connect underserved areas
Aid digital and financial inclusion

Minimising Environmental Impact

Focused carbon reduction strategy
Optimise energy consumption


Axiata 5.0 will guide the Group towards creating future value by striking the complex balance in achieving profitability and business growth, whilst delivering on customer and stakeholder expectations.
Tan Sri Ghazzali

Our Performance

Financial Review

Through disciplined execution of "Shifting Gear" to deliver cash and profit as well as initiatives under "Operational Excellence", Axiata Group concluded the year with strong financial performances.

Read about our Financial Performance in 2019 and other highlights.

Operating Revenue


↑ 3%



↑ 27%



↑ >100%



↑ >100%



↑ 3%



↑ 5.1pp
We closed the year on a high with the highest reported Profit After Tax (PAT) since 2016 at RM1.8 billion, and highest ever Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation (EBITDA) at RM10.6 billion.
Tan Sri Jamaludin

Our Commitment To Transparency & Accountability

Governance Is At The Heart Of Delivering To All Stakeholders

Good corporate governance contributes to value creation by ensuring accountability through reporting and disclosure, effective risk management, clear performance management, transparency and ethical and effective leadership.

Solidifying Our Accountability
And Transparency

Through our risk, compliance, anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures

Strengthening Our Data
Privacy Protection

To protect our customers, employees
and stakeholders

Our Governance Practices


Headed by an effective Board of Directors, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities


Checks and balances to ensure
Board effectiveness


Supporting the Board’s compliance with
the accountability principles

Relations With Shareholders

Maintaining an open dialogue on strategic, governance and other objectives

Moving forward, at the Board level, a new Board Risk and Compliance Committee replaced the Board Risk Management Committee to provide oversight on risk management, data privacy, cyber security, and ethics and compliance. On ethics and compliance, a Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer has been appointed to provide leadership, including preparations for the new Section 17A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act 2018.
Tan Sri Ghazzali on Axiata’s governance and compliance
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Contribution Report 2019

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