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Providing reliable and secure mobile and fixed connectivity, collaboration tools and customised networks to connect enterprises to their operations and customers.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology that allows organizations to use software to manage and optimize the performance of their wide area network (WAN) connections.

Improved Network Performance
By using software to manage and optimise WAN connections, SD-WAN ensures that traffic is being directed to the best available path, resulting in faster and more reliable connections.
Increased Flexibility
SD-WAN allows organizations to use a variety of different types of connections, including broadband, 4G, and MPLS, which can help to reduce costs and increase resilience.
Cost Savings
By implementing SD-WAN, organizations can reduce the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading their WAN, as well as the costs of MPLS circuits.
SD-WAN solutions often include security features such as VPN, firewall and intrusion prevention, which can help to protect against cyber threats and breaches.
Simplified Network Management
SD-WAN solutions can help to simplify network management by providing a centralised, software-based approach to managing WAN connections.

SASE solutions provide a secure, cloud-native platform for connecting users and devices to enterprise networks and cloud services. It allows for a more centralized and flexible approach to security, providing security functions such as firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention and threat intelligence as a service, that can be delivered at the edge of the network or closer to the user.

Ensures Consistent Policy
A SASE solution provides a secure, consistent client-to-cloud user experience. The architecture improves security by applying consistent policy enforcement and delivers a comprehensive range of UTM services to any network edge.
Enables New Digital Business Scenarios
Automated, cloud-delivered SASE provides a scalable architecture, leverages the internet, and enables digital transformation without the costs and rigidity of on-prem architectures. SASE’s SaaS approach supports rapid growth and low-cost adoption of technology improvements.
Increases IT Staff Effectiveness
Centralised, role-based management increases network and security staff effectiveness. Staff gain full visibility and control over their areas of responsibility by applying policies.
Threat Prevention and Reducing Risk
SASE architecture provides application and resource cloaking, segmentation and isolation with distributed control and data planes. Security is built into the SASE fabric, ensuring all connections are inspected and secured.
Secure Remote and Mobile Access
SASE brings security to the user instead of backhauling traffic to a policy enforcement point. By anchoring the client to the best SASE gateway, an optimised user experience is enabled.

Full suite communication and collaboration tools for back-office and customer facing needs. Through a single platform, enterprises can communicate through voice, video and messaging, as well as leverage collaboration tools for improved productivity, cost and efficiency. The customer experience can also be enhanced via omni-channel capabilities offered through the platform.

Full-Suite Unified Communication Solution
Single platform for back-office / internal communications and collaboration through voice, video, chat and conferencing with screen sharing and presence.
Omni-Channel Experience
Centralised dashboard and ticketing for inbound and outbound communications through voice, chat, messaging and social media channels.
Integration to Existing Systems
Readily integrated to common CRM systems for seamless experience for agents when handling customer queries.
Cost Effective
OPEX model based on your subscription needs, eliminating the need to invest in a full system.
Worry Free
Fully managed by Axiata’s OpCos, allowing enterprises to focus on their core business.

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