Our businesses are present in some of the most exciting growth regions in the world. However, while ASEAN and South Asia are emerging as economic and consumer powerhouses, large disparities remain. Addressing this inequality is the core purpose driving our innovation efforts.

Capitalising on our reach across the region, we’re making a tangible difference. By harnessing cutting-edge expertise across our operating companies and driving partnerships with tech industry leaders and national governments, we’re advancing the adoption of innovative technologies that enable people, businesses and society to fully benefit from the transformative power of the digital economy.

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Bridging the digital divide

Reliable access to communications and digital technologies is vital to maintaining equitable and inclusive societies; particularly for those living in rural, remote areas. Through cutting-edge approaches and Group-wide infrastructural investments, we are bridging this digital divide so that location is no barrier to opportunity.

Leveraging Open RAN Technology

We are running Open Radio Access Network technology trials to enhance rural connectivity in several of our markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, enabling effective network expansions and improvements to network quality.

Becoming A Leading TowerCo

Our tower infrastructure company edotco Group continues its rapid expansion and is on track to grow its portfolio to a total of 70,000 towers in their journey towards becoming one of the world's top 5 TowerCos.

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Democratising Digital Access To Resources

Our digital inclusion efforts democratise access to digital resources that empower all members of society to achieve their fullest potential.

Our technologies provide access to weather updates, fishing ground data, real-time market prices, farm yield enhancement methods, improved crop monitoring capabilities and more, enabling farmers and fishermen to improve their standards of living.
We have utilised our network to champion education across Asia, through initiatives such as the Robi 10-Minute School, providing free-to-access classes and resources for students of all ages.
Through telemedicine, general health and hygiene programmes, and strategic partnerships with hospitals, we’re improving standards of healthcare across our markets of operation.
Our market-specific initiatives provide educational content, employment resources and financial services, empowering women and girls to take part and thrive in our growing digital economies.
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Driving Financial Inclusion

Our Digital Financial Services enable our customers to access innovative, efficient and secure banking services, whilst empowering underserved and unbanked individuals and businesses as part of our commitment to drive digital and financial inclusion.

Encompassing e-wallets, micro-insurance, micro-financing and more in Malaysia and Indonesia, Boost is the umbrella brand for our growing suite of digital financial services offerings which enable the underserved to store and save their money, build financial stability, and invest in their future.

To further democratise the financial ecosystem, we are collaborating with RHB Banking Group to apply for license to establish a digital bank in Malaysia. This would enable us to accept deposits from customers and offer a wider range of financial services under one roof.

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Harnessing The Power of Data

The Group is leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to power our digital transformation as well as provide integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions for our clients.

Driving Next
Level Digital Transformation

Axiata Digital Labs is our Group-wide technology hub, leveraging on big data, AI and machine learning capabilities to drive innovation within our companies and customise a breakthrough solutions for our corporate client.

Raising The Game
On Targeting

A specialised data and artificial inteligence company, ADA has introduced micro-precise targeting technology such as XACT Data, using insights based on a 375 million customer strong database to create highly relevant audience segmentations for effective digital marketing.

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Empowering Enterprise Digitalisation

Axiata Enterprise offers a complete suite of services that offers end-to-end solutions for all SME needs, spanning office tools, security, Point-Of-Sale (POS) and much more, enabling small and medium sized enterprises to scale their business affordably.

Axiata Enterprise provides customised LTE networks which can be optimised for specific services and network applications. Through their expertise, organisations can utilise low latency applications even in remote or rural areas, while connecting to sensors, gateways, control systems, and even autonomous vehicles.
Axiata Enterprise enables organisations to access advanced Cloud-based tools that boost collaboration and productivity, while generating data-driven insights to strengthen their evolving customer engagement strategies.
Axiata Enterprise’s IoT solutions have improved a host of real-world business processes in our markets of operation, including optimising cold room temperatures through sophisticated monitoring, developing a smart fleet management system, delivering live farm monitoring capabilities, and smart cities with smart city surveillance, smart waste management and smart sensors for flood management systems.
Utilising machine learning technology, Axiata Enterprise’s cyber security solutions defend businesses on the device, network, application, and phishing levels, swiftly detecting potential threats through OS exploits, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, WiFi spoofing and malware, amongst other channels.
Axiata Enterprise provides a vast range of affordable, fit for purpose and intuitive technology solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Utilising and scaling partnerships across the digital ecosystem, it makes digital transformation more accessible, simple, and less intimidating at a more manageable cost for SMEs.
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Building An Asia-Wide Superhighway

With the concept of creating an Asia-wide superhighway and leveraging the right touch points to support business expansion, Axiata Wholesale is well placed to become Asia’s preferred Carrier Solutions Provider.

Serving International Carrier Business Needs

Leveraging our global network, Axiata Wholesale provides consumers of our operating companies and enterprise businesses with scalable, end-to-end solutions spanning voice, roaming, data and capacity with added value through support delivered by its central team.

Becoming Asia’s Preferred Carrier Solutions Provider

Axiata Wholesale provides wholesale hubbing, capacity planning, connectivity and other data and capacity activities to an extensive carrier portfolio. Leveraging our broad technology stack, their services enable cloud connectivity for digital players and contribute to building the foundation of the global internet as an IP exhange/routing platform provider.

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Unleashing The Power Of 5G

5G is the next era of connectivity that delivers higher data speeds, ultra-low latency, increased reliability and greater network capacity. 5G delivers industry-grade connectivity that help to modernise and transform many industries like health care, transport, manufacturing, education, retail or smart cities. We are at various stages of implementation and rollout of 5G across our markets of operation, enabling new digital possibilities for people across Asia.

By working with governments and industry players across our footprint markets, we’re developing the capabilities and processes for effective 5G rollout - encompassing technical architecture, wholesale arrangements and spectrum optimisation.
Our operating companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been some of the earliest operators to conduct 5G trials, pilots and test runs.
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