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Organised by Axiata Group and the Asia School of Business (established in collaboration with MIT Sloan), Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 is the first regional and Malaysia’s biggest datathon revolving around the rise of 5G and IoT and how these technologies enable smart cars.

This is your chance to flex your data analytics muscles and develop thought-provoking business solutions in regards to smart cars using 5G technology.

You’ll have access to a complex dataset to establish your insights and models that could eventually lead to real world solutions.

Who is this datathon for?

Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 is open for both students and working individuals from all backgrounds, including:

  • Data scientists
  • Programmers
  • Graphic and interface designers
  • Data journalists
  • Data community activists
  • IT project managers
  • Subject matter experts (Marketing, Operations, Engineering, etc.)

Employees of Axiata’s operating companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka as well as students of Asia School of Business are particularly encouraged to participate.


Worth up to RM30,000


Graham Bell Prize



Alan Turning Prize1st Runner-up


Schrödinger Prize2nd Runner-up


Consolation Prize3rd Runner-up


Consolation Prize4th Runner-up

RM1,000 (Axiata) + RM1,000 (Microsoft)


Sponsored by Axiata and Microsoft

Best Data Scientist

RM1,500 (Axiata) + RM2,000 (Microsoft)

Best Data Engineer

RM1,500 (Axiata) + RM2,000 (Microsoft)

Best Business Consultant

RM1,500 (Axiata) + RM2,000 (Microsoft)

*Only selected winners will be given the opportunity to be considered for employment within the Axiata Group. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Axiata Group is under no duty or obligation to employ any or all of such winners.

Full schedule

Launch Day (7pm – 10pm)

  • Discussion about artificial intelligence and its impact to business (open to public through registration)
  • Sneak peek into the data and overview of what to expect
  • Q&A session

Hack Day (9AM – 12AM)

  • Participants receive full dataset and a walkthrough of the variables
  • Live 5G demonstration by Ericsson

Submission & Pitch (9AM – 12PM)

  • Top 5 entries selection
  • Top 5 pitch presentations
  • Top 3 winners selection
  • Prize-giving ceremony
  • Panel discussion with external speakers

Registration process

Phase 1

(Starting from 1st Sept to 30th Sept 2018)

Register as participants.

Phase 2

(Starting from 1st Oct to 15th Oct 2018)

Shortlisted participants will be invited to complete an online exam to qualify for the datathon.

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The Challenge

As organisations that deliver significant impact to the nation, both the Axiata Group and the Asia School of Business realise the importance of data-driven decisions.

This datathon aims to showcase exactly that – by being the platform where top talents can showcase their data-driven insights and solutions to create real impact on people’s lives.

You will receive a data set related to smart cars, IoT and mobile services. With that, you will need to submit:


Models to make the most accurate prediction for the scenario given (in a classic Kaggle style)


Insights into the data that can contribute into improving the everyday lives of citizens

The submissions will be assessed by our judges to determine the top 5 entries.

The chosen entries will then advance to pitch their analysis in front of the panel and an audience on the final night of the datathon in order to be selected as the top 3 winners.

The challenge revolves around smart cars, IoT and 5G; hence the topics discussed may include:

  • Route optimisation
  • Location Predictions
  • City & urban planning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety & security
  • Smart Car algorithm
  • Location optimization for businesses
  • 5G Technology CAPEX & OPEX planning

Here’s what we’re looking for in the winning formula:

  • Relevance – Is your solution relevant to the objectives of the competition and to the society?
  • Impact – Is there an evident added value to your solution?
  • Innovation – What is novel or creative about the solution?
  • Technical ability – How complex are your algorithms and are you able to make your audience understand your solution easily?
  • Overall excellence – Did you make optimal use of the data?

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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

Interested participants may sign up through this website as an individual participant or a team of 2-5 members.

For registration as a team, does every team member have to submit an online application?

For team registration, each team member is required to submit an online application with the team name.

For team participation, can we submit a team video?

You could do an individual video or team video, whichever is convenient for you.

What is the online test?

The online test is our pre-screening assessment to proceed the qualified participants to the datathon. The shortlisted participants will be invited to sit for the online test.

How do I proceed if one of my team members pulls out from the team before the datathon?

The online test is our pre-screening assessment to proceed the qualified participants to the datathon. The shortlisted participants will be invited to sit for the online test.

Are the participants allowed to stay overnight at the venue?

Yes, you may stay overnight at the venue. We have bean bags, gender segregated resting areas and shared shower.

What should I bring to the datathon?

Participants should bring own laptops, chargers and stationaries. As it is going to be an overnight event, bring anything that is necessary, including sleeping bags, toiletries and sets of clothes.

What hardware will the participants be using to perform data modelling?

Data modelling will be done using your own laptop.

What are the additional tools provided for the datathon?

Google Cloud services will be provided during the datathon. The shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to attend a free workshop conducted by Google. The Google team will be explaining the instances available for modelling.



Axiata Group Berhad is one of the leading telecommunications groups in Asia with approximately 350 million customers.

Its Operating Companies include Celcom, Dialog (Sri Lanka), XL (Indonesia), Smart (Cambodia), Robi (Bangladesh) and Ncell (Nepal).


Asia School of Business (ASB) is a premier business school and executive education center located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was established in 2015 by Bank Negara Malaysia in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan) to serve as a knowledge and learning hub that is infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asian economies.


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