Robi Corporate Head Office
19 - 20 April 2019

A hackathon for data enthusiasts

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Organised by Robi Axiata Ltd. and supported by Axiata Analytics, Datathon Bangladesh 2019 is Bangladesh’s first and biggest datathon revolving around the role of Big Data and Machine Learning in solving business problems.

This is your chance to flex your data analytics muscles and develop thought-provoking business solutions.

You’ll have access to a complex dataset to establish your insights and models that could eventually lead to real-world solutions.


Datathon Bangladesh 2019 is open to both students and working individuals from all backgrounds, including:

  • Data scientists
  • Programmers
  • Data community activists
  • Mathematicians with programming knowledge
  • Statisticians with programming knowledge
  • Business analysts with programming knowledge
  • Computer engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Subject matter experts (Marketing, Operations, Engineering, etc.)


Prizes are equivalent to BDT as followings


Champion Team

BDT 200K

First Runner-up

BDT 150K

Second Runner-up

BDT 100K


2 Data Scientists

BDT 100K each

2 Data Engineers

BDT 100K each

*Partner by Google and Axiata Analytics

Full schedule

Hack Day

  • Registration & Opening Ceremony (8AM - 10AM)
  • 24-Hour Hack Day (10AM, Friday 19th April to 10AM, Saturday, 20th April)

Submission & Pitch (11am - 3pm)

  • Top 5 Entries Selection
  • Top 5 Pitch Presentations Selection
  • Top 3 Winners Selection
  • Prize-Giving Ceremony

Registration process

(Starting from 25th March to 15th April 2019)

Register as aparticipant

Participants will be invited to complete an online assessment to qualify for the datathon.

Register now

The Challenge

As organisations that deliver significant impact to the business, the Axiata Group and Robi Axiata Ltd. realise the importance of data-driven decisions.

This datathon aims to showcase exactly that – by being the platform where top talents can showcase their data-driven insights and solutions to create real impact on people’s lives.

You will receive a big dataset related to fintech. With that, your team need to come out with a good prediction model


Models to make the most accurate prediction for the scenario given


Insights into the data that can contribute into improving the organsation.

The submissions will be assessed by our judges to determine the top 5 teams.

The chosen entries will then advance to pitch their analysis in front of the panel and audience in order to be selected as the top 3 winners.

The challenge revolves around data analytics, feature engineering, Big Data analytics, and applied data science algorithms.

Here’s what we’re looking for in the winning formula:

  • Relevance- Is your solution relevant to the competition and to society?
  • Impact- Is there an evident added value to your solution?
  • Innovation- What is novel or creative about the solution?
  • Technical ability- How complex are your algorithms and are you able to make your audience understand your solution easily?
  • Overall excellence- Did you make optimal use of the data?


  • Robi Axiata Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Datathon at anytime for any reason
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. reserves the right to own all Intellectual property rights, product and final presentation
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. has the right to cancel/postpone this event anytime
  • Winners will be selected by Robi Axiata Ltd. in its sole discretion and must have conformed to the Terms and Conditions. Robi Axiata Ltd.’s decision with respect to the Winners will be final and no queries and/or appeals thereof will be entertained.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. will not tolerate misrepresentation of any kinds

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the application process

I. Online registration
You will click this link and click the registration button. You will be directed to a google form where you will complete your personal details, assessment and upload resume.

II. Online assessment
The online test is our pre-screening assessment to proceed the qualified participants to the datathon. You will complete the online assessment during registration process.

III. Final confirmation
The shortlisted participants will be notified via email confirmation. The shortlisted participants will be arranged into a team of 4 and proceed to semi-final competition at Robi Corporate Office, Gulshan 1, Dhaka.

2. Is there any age limit?

18 years and above.

3. Who can join the datathon?

All students from university and any working professionals. He/She will need to pass the assessment during registration.

4. If I have more enquiries, how can I clarify?

You can email your enquiries to [email protected].

5. Are the participants allowed to stay overnight at the venue?

Yes, you may stay overnight at the venue. We have bean bags and resting areas.

6. What should I bring to the datathon?

Participants should bring own laptops, backup laptop, chargers, internal dongle and stationaries. As it is going to be an overnight event, bring anything that is necessary, such as sleeping bags, toiletries and sets of clothes.

7. What hardware will the participants be using to perform data modelling?

Data modelling/ Data preparation/ Feature engineering will be done using your own laptop. We will provide you Google Cloud platform.

8. How many selected participants will attend the offsite semi-final datathon?

Approximately 80 participants

9. Can I attend the datathon virtually?

No, unfortunately, all shortlisted 80 participants will present onsite to finish the 24 hours at Robi Corporate Office, 53 Guishan South Avenue Guishan-1, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh

10. How many hours do I need to stay at the venue?

You will be encouraged to stay at the venue throughout the 24-hours datathon. However, you have the freedom to leave the venue after 9pm on 19 April 2019, Friday and return at 8am on 20 April 2019, Saturday.

11. Will the food be provided?


12. Will the laptop be provided?

No. Please bring your own laptop.

13. Can I bring my own equipment to solve problem?


14. Will the Wifi be provided?


15. Can I go home?

Yes, you can go home after 9pm and return to the venue on Saturday 8am.

16. Do I need to bring any verification documents during registration?

Yes, please bring your NID or passport for verification purpose during registration.

17. What is the prize?

The Champion team will be awarded prize equivalent to BDT 200,000.
The First Runner- Up team will be awarded prize equivalent to BDT 150,000.
The Second Runner-Up team will be awarded prize equivalent to BDT 100,000.
For Top 2 Data Scientists and Data Engineers, we will award each of them prizes equivalent to BDT 100,000.

18. What are the important dates and venue that I should take note?

25 March 2019 : Registration begins
15 April 2019 : Registration ends
16 April 2019 : The shortlisted participants will be notified about their team members detail via email notification.
19 -20 April 2019 : The datathon competition

19. What is this datathon?

This datathon is a platform to allow participants to showcase their data analytics muscles and develop thought-provoking business solutions.

20. What are the eligibility criteria?

We are looking for students and working individuals from all backgrounds, including:
-Data scientists
-Data community activists
-Mathematicians with programming knowledge
-Statisticians with programming knowledge
-Business analysts with programming knowledge
-Computer engineers
-IT professionals
-Subject matter experts (Marketing, Operations, Engineering, etc.)

21. If I am a Robi Axiata Ltd. employee, can I participate?


22. Can someone use my name and participate in the competition?

No, we do not tolerate any kind of misrepresentation. Kindly refer to the terms and conditions.

23. How can I form a team during registration?

We only accept individual application for registration stage. Once you are shortlisted, we will help you form a team of 4 members.

24. Can I form a team of 4 members and join Datathon Bangladesh 2019?

If all your friends are shortlisted for this competition after passing the online assessment, you can form your own team. Else, we will help you to form a team of 4 members.



Robi Axiata Ltd. is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh with 46.88Mn subscribers as of the end of December 2018. It is a subsidiary company of the Asian telecom giant, Axiata Group Berhad, based in Malaysia.

Robi is the first company to launch 4.5G services in all 64 districts of the country on the same day as the 4G launch in Bangladesh itself. By the end of 2018, Robi has created the largest 4.5G network of the country with nearly 7,400 sites covering 99 percent of the thanas of the country.


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