National Contribution

We commissioned an independent partner to conduct a review of our economic contribution to the countries where we operate, both directly and indirectly, using best practice methodologies in deriving the economic model for this analysis, based on literature review and industrial benchmarking exercises6. The economic model encompasses supply side and demand side impacts. Supply side impacts are assessed based on Direct and Total Value Added contributions to GDP and the total employment effects across the economy while demand side impacts are estimated based on productivity gains provided by wireless technology.

Through the figures and data compiled, we have improved our understanding of the wide-reaching economic and socio-economic impact that we have. There is also the economic role we play by providing the telecommunications infrastructure and services that are necessary to drive economic growth.

The main contribution made by the Group over the period of the last six years would be via the jobs we support, and the effects of these individuals spending their wages in the wider economy. We have generated more than 23,000 jobs across Asia directly and facilitated more than 1.67 million jobs indirectly including suppliers and retailers.

The reports calculation indicates that our direct contribution to the economies of each country via taxes and levies amounts to more than USD6.5 billion over the last 6 years.

In each of the operating countries, our contribution to the GDP has been significant and the next part of the report discusses each of our operating companies.

* Does not include coverage in India and Singapore.