Cambodia's economy grew at an average rate of over 8% annually between 2004 and 2012, resulting in significant improvements in areas such as poverty, healthcare, water supply and education. Cambodia has increasingly become an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. Despite a mobile penetration of 150%, which is largely a result of the wide spread multi SIM habit of prepaid subscribers, the country will most likely witness continuous growth in mobile subscriptions, driven mainly by prepaid users in the rural areas. The expansion of 3G network also offers new opportunities for service providers. In 2013, there were approximately 22 million mobile subscribers in Cambodia.

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd.

Smart is Cambodias second largest mobi le telecommunications company serving over 5 million customers. The company became part of Axiata after the strategic merger of Latelz Co. Limited, operating under the brand Smart Mobile, and Hello Axiata Company Limited, with its Hello brand, in early 2013. Smarts workforce consists of more than 800 people including local and foreign experts. The company is committed to its customers, employees and the people of Cambodia in delivering its promise of improving their lives, Live Life, Be Smart.

Our Economic Contribution

We have spent a total of USD380 million with a breakdown of USD200 million on CAPEX and USD180 million on OPEX over the period 2008 - 2013. Smart is one of the largest tax payers in Cambodia with a cumilative of USD80 million as taxes and levies over the last 6 years. Our total contribution to the GDP of Cambodia in 2013 alone, amounted to USD394 which is 2.5% of the national GDP. Figure 9 shows a breakdown of contribution to GDP over the last 6 years.

Our Social Contribution

In 2013, we created, ~93,000 direct and indirect jobs, to support our business across the value chain. Figure 10 gives a breakdown of direct and indirect jobs created in Cambodia over the last 6 years.

Smart is also partnering with a number of government and non-government organisations in Cambodia for corporate responsibility initiatives which range around education support, environmental awareness and youth development in Cambodia.